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Letter from Sandy Hook Justice to Sandy Hook Advisory Commission August 21, 2014


Contact: William Brandon Shanley, New London, 860-857-2042

From: William Brandon Shanley and Sandy Hook Justice
To: Sandy Hook Advisory Commission
August 21, 2014 via Commission website

I request that this letter goes to all members of the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission.

I am a member of a team of scholars, journalists and researchers named Sandy Hook Justice: 

* Dr. James H. Fetzer, Professor Emeritus University of Minnesota Duluth and editor and journalist for Veterans Today; 
* Wolfgang Halbig, former Florida State Police officer, school administrator and national school safety specialist; 
* William Shanley, a non-fiction filmmaker and author, with news analysis specialty since the 1980 presidential election; and, 
* Yvonne Adamow, the Connecticut mother of an 8 year old, an expert on Sandy Hook, who has been writing to officials for months. 

There are literally hundreds of other investigators working behind the scenes to expose this act of terrorism against the people of the United States. 

We are writing to request the opportunity to present our credentials and photographic and other documented findings regarding the events at Sandy Hook. 

We will present evidence that: 

* Sandy Hook Elementary School was abandoned by 2008 and used as a prop in 2012; 
* That the "iconic" photograph taken by Shannon Hicks of the Newtown Bee was staged; 
* That State's Attorney Stephen Sedensky did not show Adam Lanza committed a crime; 
* That the death certificate for Noah Pozner provided by Lenny Pozner is not authentic;

The legal principle, "Fraud vitiates everything", supports the conclusion that no one died at Sandy Hook. Extraordinary steps have been taken at the local and state level to deny access to relevant proof of death--apart from the fabricated death certificate for Noah Pozner. Evidence that could confirm a crime took place is completely missing. This reveals human intent and manipulation of what has been presented as being real. 

This appears to have been a "made-for-media event" contemporaneous with a Federal inter-agency and Connecticut Department of Public Protection and Safety drill and television production rolled out to create an entirely false community over a period of years projected into the real world using crisis actors, climaxing on the stage of a school that seems to have been closed for asbestos and bio-hazards and to avoid the expense of meeting ADA requirements.

* Despite live TV coverage from choppers throughout the day, there are no images or proof of a mass evacuation of a school of more than 500 children, teachers and staff; 
* Drill protocols were followed, not those for mass disaster events; 
* Two CTSP officers have confided to Mr. Halbig that the 11,000-document dump is "the script" for the drill; 
* Internet records show that fundraising sites and photographs of the purported victims were operational three days before the event and, in some cases, for even longer.

The mass media are complicit and the event could not have been portrayed as real without full media complicity and engagement. Staged photos were issued by State Police and The Newtown Bee as real. The iconic photo carried on front pages around the world of a "conga line" of children was staged several times to get "the best shot". 

Adam Lanza, as he has been presented, appears to be a phantom, almost wholly fictional, may actually by Ryan Lanza, or to have died at some point prior to 2009. 

The documentary evidence we will present will show that the political power structure and media elites in America, up to and including Attorney General Eric Holder, were involved. 

We are troubled that key officials and witnesses have fled or disappeared from the scene through retirement or death. The deaths of former New Haven Register reporter Michael Bellemore, 27, and Major William Podgoski, 49, Western District Commander of the CTSP, one of the lead Sandy Hook investigators, are only two of a dozen illustrations. 

The constellation of correlations of anomalies render the consensus narrative to be impossible. 

It's time to open this up to a good old Connecticut-style town meeting and save our souls! 

Please contact me at once regarding coordinating an appearance before the Commission at the earliest possible date. 


No children died at Sandy Hook! 

William Shanley 
New London

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