Friday, September 5, 2014

William Shanley's September 3, 2014 letter to Governor Malloy

William Brandon Shanley
Sandy Hook Justice
43 Bank Street #8
New London, Connecticut 06320
(860) 857-2042

Sept 3, 2014

Governor Dannel P. Malloy
State Capitol
Hartford, Connecticut

Dear Governor Malloy –

I don’t mean to be disrespectful, Governor, but this is getting to be quite tiresome. When are you going to take our questions about Sandy Hook? I wrote to you on July 21. You were just here in New London the other day. But did you call?

Members of my family have been life long Democrats since my Dad, Lloyd T. Shanley, Jr., was elected First Selectman in Harwinton in 1959 and my mother, Helen C. Shanley, was in the State House that same year. She helped elect Jack Kennedy in 1960 along with Secretary of State Ella Grasso, machine boss John Bailey, US Senator Tom Dodd, John Dempsey, and Governor Abe Ribicoff. I was a 9-year old with a political stage mom, so I met them all in Waterbury on Nov 6 when 100,000 turned out on the Green for Kennedy!

At 25, I went to work to help Jimmy Carter get elected. So, naturally, I voted for you, Governor. I helped elect you. Why have you been running from me? Where is your allegiance? Are you not a man whose job it is to answer supporter, citizen and press questions? Yet, you hide behind the stonewalls of the Capitol with other perpetrators in a conspiracy of silence. You know this is going to explode into the election. Why not give me a call? Or, better yet, why not convene a press conference to take our questions? This is still America, isn’t it? You serve the public. That’s it. But you have not told us “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God,” about Sandy Hook, now have you? You’re going to need more than ten Hail Mary’s to get you past this one!

We at Sandy Hook Justice can now prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Sandy Hook Massacre was actually a FEMA-HOMLAND SECURITY NATIONAL LEVEL EXERCISE CAPSTONE EVENT run by Obsidian Analysis of Washington, DC. The lawsuits will probably be on the order of $100 billion against co-conspirator terrorists in government and media. You can’t hide behind National Security and immunity in a civil suit.

Before I go… when I wrote to you in July, I asked for your assurance that our research team and families would be protected. You never responded to my request. Perhaps that’s because you know that’s part of your job?

However, the constellation of deaths and accidents befalling people related to events at Sandy Hook paint a picture of the most hideous form of gangsterism. (First we have banksters from the Obama Boys, now we have gangsters?! LOL!) Why are you not protecting us, Governor?

·      Jennifer Sredzinski, 41, of Monroe, a 911 dispatcher from the Southwest Regional Communications Center, is dead. Her ex-husband, J. P. Sredinski, also works at the Center and is Chairman of the Monroe Town Council, and is running for State Rep from Newtown/Monroe’s 112 District on the Republican ticket.
·      Michael Bellmore, 27, of Hamden, a former New Haven Register reporter, died after going to work for the City of Hamden, where Mayor Scott Jackson is chairman of the Sandy Hook Advisory Committee you appointed.
·      Major William Podjorski, 49, of Farmington, CT State Police Western District Commander, a lead investigator of Sandy Hook, is dead.
·      JoAnn June Egletes, 53, a secretary to Attorney Irving Pinsky who filed a $100,000,000 lawsuit against the State of Connecticut for terrorizing his client, is dead.
·      Douglas Cottle, 62, actress Alissa Parker’s father, is dead.
·      Tobias Smith, 28, my former roommate, drown after jumping from the Gold Star Bridge in New London and swimming toward a barge after a Professor of Psychiatry at Yale-New Haven Medical School told me I might be in danger.
·      Connecticut State Senator and Deputy Majority Leader, Andrew Maynard, 52, a gun control opponent, was in a coma after a fall from his balcony.
·      The odds against chance of these Sandy Hook-related events occurring randomly in such a narrow locus of space and time are virtually non-existent.
·      And then we have the plethora of disappearing officials and witnesses who appear to be fleeing the ship! From your chiefs of your Departments of Emergency Services and Safety, to State Police Commissioner, you know the list better than I…

So, since this is not the way the REAL WORLD works, Governor, as a citizen of the United States, who calls Connecticut my home, I am once again requesting that you fulfill your oath of office and extend to me your assurances that I and other members of Sandy Hook Justice scholars and research team, their families and friends, will be protected here in Connecticut.

The US Attorney will receive a similar request.


William Shanley


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